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 Focus on: DRM's Range of Heated Sample Lines (& New Catalogue) [30/10/17]


 Heated Sample Lines are robust, reliable hoses which evenly heat sample gases as they move
through a system, ensuring that they're always the exact right temperature for your application.

 DRM Technic have a large range of Heated Sample Lines. To showcase it, we've created our
Heated Sample Line Catalogue, featuring our complete ranges of:

Inner Cores, External Jackets and End Connections | ATEX Heated Hoses | Temperature Controllers
Hoses for Portable Systems | Heated Boxes | And more

The catalogue is viewable by clicking here.

For more information, please email us at sales@drmtechnic.com or call us on 01782 638491.


DRM's New Staff and Apprentices [16/10/17]

DRM Technic are constantly expanding our skilled and dedicated workforce in order to improve
our customer services and repair times.

Following several highly successful hirings - including admin assistant Jess and engineer Lee - we
have now employed two new engineering apprentices, Daniel and Hosea, to work in our
ever-growing engineering department.

They will help us to continue effectively managing the increasing demand for our repairs and services
(both in-house and on-site). We are dedicated to training and supporting the best local talent available,
and are proud to welcome them into the DRM family.

We have some of the fastest and cost-efficient repairs and services in the industry and are dedicated
to keeping it that way. To discuss what we can offer you, email us at sales@drmtechnic.com
or call us on 01782 638491.


Focus on: DRM's High-Speed Laser Analysers [02/10/17]


The ZSS range of analysers are high-speed, low maintenance analysers which use infrared
semiconductor lasers to measure sample gases. Included in the range is the ZSS-Dual analyser
which can measure two gases at once and is one of the first analysers which can simultaneously measure
CO and O2 concentrations in one unit.


Measures NH3, HCl, H2O, O2, CO, CO2 and CH4 Gases | Minimal Interference from Other Gases

Ultra High-Speed Response | Excellent Long-Term Stability | Easy Maintenance

ZSS Range Datasheet


DRM Technic: Now Official Distributors of Bürkert Valves and Sensors [04/09/17]


DRM Technic are proud to announce that we are now official distributors for Bürkert, supplying their
wide range of valves for use in applications involving both gases and liquids.

Our range includes Solenoid Valves (including Universal Direct Acting Valves and Servo-Assisted Flow
Valves, among others) and Process Valves (including a large range of pneumatic valves, among

We also offer Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, Liquid Flow Meters and Controllers, Flow
Sensors, Pressure Switches
and more.

Full information on all of these products can be found in our new Valves and Sensors catalogue,
available here.

For more information, please free to contact us at sales@drmtechnic.com or on 01782 638491.


Focus on: DRM's New Range of Portable Sample Gas Conditioning Systems [04/09/17]

DRM Technic are proud to showcase our new range of Portable Sample Gas Conditioning Systems.
These are complete, fully featured systems installed in robust, lightweight cases. The range includes:

PCS.Smart Portable Sample Gas Conditioning Systems

A complete, compact system built into a rigid, portable metal case. The basic version consists of a gas
cooler, condensate pumps, gas pump, filter, moisture detector, and flow meter. Also available is the
PCS.Smart + which has two heat exchangers.

PCS.Smart Datasheet | PCS.Smart + Datasheet

PCS.Base Portable Sample Gas Conditioning System

An incredibly compact system built into a lightweight transport bag. The basic version of the system
consists of a TC-Mini cooler, condensate trap, filter, gas pump, and flow meter. A wide range of
accessories and variations are also available.

PCS.Base Datasheet

For more information, please email us at
sales@drmtechnic.com or call us on 01782 638491.


Focus on: DRM's Biomass/Biogas Range


DRM is proud to offer a range of Biogas Analysers and Systems, specified for the analysis of biomass
materials such as food waste, construction waste, forest residues and more. They can measure up to
4 gases simultaneously
, including CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S. This high performance equipment is
highly adaptable and comes with a large range of options and accessories.

The range includes:

ZPAF Biomass Gas Analyser

A compact analyser which can simultaneously monitor up to four gases, including CH4, CO2, N2, H2,
H2S and O2.

Full Datasheet

ZPSB Biogas Analysis System

A complete biogas analysis system located in a sturdy wall-mounted cabinet.

Full Datasheet

For more information, email us at sales@drmtechnic.com or call us on 01782 631491.


New 'Fitting & Tubing' Ranges and Catalogues [26/06/17]


We have recently added new fittings and tubings to our stocked products, expanding our two already
comprehensive ranges to ensure that, whatever the application, we have a product that'll work for you.

Our range now includes Brass Fittings, Push-Fit Fittings, more sizes of PVDF Fitting, and new
Nylon Tubing
. To cover our new ranges, we have made a new Fitting and Tubing Catalogue
which shows everything we offer.

You can read the new catalogue by clicking here.

For more information, email us at sales@drmtechnic.com or call us on 01782 638491.


Focus on: BÜNOx 2+ Gas Converter [12/06/17]


The BÜNOx 2+ NOx Converter (made by Bühler Technologies GmbH) is specified for the easy and
reliable catalytic conversion of NOx to NO. The NOx sample gas is converted in a heated cartridge filled
with specialist catalyst materials, making it analysable with a NDIR analyser.

The converter offers high energy efficiency, a high conversion rate, a long lifetime, no production of CO
or CO2, and no cross interference with water. Easy maintenance is enabled through a
NOx computer
which uses user input data to calculate the remaining life of the cartridge, alerting the customer to
service requirements when required.

More information can be seen in the BÜNOx's datasheet, available here.


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