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 ZRE and ZRE/ZFK7 - MCERTS Recertification [06/03/2018]


 DRM Technic are proud to announce that our ZRE and ZRE/ZFK7 Gas Analysers have been
recently recertified for MCERTS. This recertification proves the continued reliability and capability
of our equipment, and lasts until 2023 (at which point we expect to be recertified again). 

Click below for:
ZRE Multigas Analyser Datasheet | ZFK7 Zirconia Oxygen Analyser Datasheet
ZRE/ZFK7 System Leaflet | ZRE/ZFK7 MCERTS Certificate

For more information, or to make an inquiry, email us at sales@drmtechnic.com or call us on
01782 638491.


Focus on: DRM's Systems and Service Contracts [12/02/18]


 DRM Technic is proud to offer a comprehensive, customisable range of gas analysis systems, 
perfect for if you need a brand new system or wish to replace your outdated one.

DRM systems all come with: specialist one-on-one customer service; bespoke design, construction
and installation; and constant support from our expert engineers. We will work with you one-on-one
to design, build, and manage your system to your exact specifications.

More information on two of our standard systems, please see the below leaflets:
ZRE + ZFK7 | BA5000

If you need extra help and security with your system, we also offer service contracts. With DRM
service contacts, you get: A Bespoke Contract; Full On-Site Maintenance and In-House Repairs
from our Expert Engineers; Full Telephone Support; and Discounted Spares.

All of this is only what comes as standard too. For more on what we can offer you, or to make an
inquiry, email us at sales@drmtechnic.com or call us on 01782 638491.


 Our Christmas Opening Times [04/12/17]

Our factory and offices will be closed for the Christmas Holidays from 12 noon on Friday 22nd
December 2017 until 9 AM Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

We would like to thank you for your business during 2017 and look forward to being of assistance
during 2018.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


 Focus on: DRM's Range of Sample Gas Probes [27/11/17]


 Cost effective, reliable Sample Gas Probes are a vital part of any analysis system, extracting sample
gas without causing leakages while maintaining a stable dew point throughout the system.

Our Gas 222 series probes have a modular design, making them easily adaptable to any application.
The range includes:

ATEX Probes | Heated Sample Probes | Blowback Options
Sintered Ceramic, Sintered Stainless Steel and Pleated Stainless Steel Filters

All probes are available with an optional blowback system. This option temporarily cuts off the sample
gas stream while a large volume of pressurized air is blown counter-current through the filter element,
cleaning the filter element and reducing maintenance costs.

For more information, see our Probe Catalogue


 New Range of Low SO2 Wash-Out Coolers [13/11/17]


DRM Technic are proud to announce Buhler's new '+' range of Coolers, including the
TC-Standard +, TC-Double + and EGK 2-19 + Coolers.

These coolers feature new generation heat exchangers with a very low wash-out effect of
water-soluable components. The wash-out of SO2 is particularly low. They are specified for the
measurement of emissions and can be used in automated measuring system (AMS) per EN 15267-3.

Compact Design | Pre-Installed and Ready to Connect | Easy Maintenance
Optimised Glass or PVDF Heat Exchangers



Focus on: DRM's Range of Heated Sample Lines (& New Catalogue) [30/10/17]


Heated Sample Lines are robust, reliable hoses which evenly heat sample gases as they move
through a system, ensuring that they're always the exact right temperature for your application.

DRM Technic have a large range of Heated Sample Lines. To showcase it, we've created our
Heated Sample Line Catalogue, featuring our complete ranges of:

Inner Cores, External Jackets and End Connections | ATEX Heated Hoses | Temperature Controllers
Hoses for Portable Systems | Heated Boxes | And more

The catalogue is viewable by clicking here.

For more information, please email us at sales@drmtechnic.com or call us on 01782 638491.


 DRM's New Staff and Apprentices [16/10/17]


DRM Technic are constantly expanding our skilled and dedicated workforce in order to improve
our customer services and repair times.

Following several highly successful hirings - including admin assistant Jess and engineers Lee and
Paul - we have now employed two new engineering apprentices, Daniel and Hosea, to work in our
ever-growing engineering department.

They will help us to continue effectively managing the increasing demand for our repairs and services
(both in-house and on-site). We are dedicated to training and supporting the best local talent available,
and are proud to welcome them into the DRM family.

We have some of the fastest and cost-efficient repairs and services in the industry and are dedicated
to keeping it that way. To discuss what we can offer you, email us at sales@drmtechnic.com
or call us on 01782 638491.


Focus on: DRM's High-Speed Laser Analysers [02/10/17]


 The ZSS range of analysers are high-speed, low maintenance analysers which use infrared
semiconductor lasers to measure sample gases. Included in the range is the ZSS-Dual analyser
which can measure two gases at once and is one of the first analysers which can simultaneously measure
CO and O2 concentrations in one unit. 

Measures NH3, HCl, H2O, O2, CO, CO2 and CH4 Gases | Minimal Interference from Other Gases
Ultra High-Speed Response | Excellent Long-Term Stability | Easy Maintenance  

ZSS Range Datasheet


 DRM Technic: Now Official Distributors of Bürkert Valves and Sensors [04/09/17]


 DRM Technic are proud to announce that we are now official distributors for Bürkert, supplying their
wide range of valves for use in applications involving both gases and liquids.

Our range includes Solenoid Valves (including Universal Direct Acting Valves and Servo-Assisted Flow
Valves, among others) and Process Valves (including a large range of pneumatic valves, among

We also offer Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, Liquid Flow Meters and Controllers, Flow
Sensors, Pressure Switches
and more.

Full information on all of these products can be found in our new Valves and Sensors catalogue,
available here.

For more information, please free to contact us at sales@drmtechnic.com or on 01782 638491.


 More articles will be published in the coming weeks